Friday, 20 December 2019

Things My Kids Say As Shared On Twitter

My kids say and do a lot of smaller things that never make the blog.  This regular round up is a fun way for me to share some of the smaller moments from my parenting journey.  Enjoy! 

1. Me: They say they want a collage for this project. J: Okay fine.  But remember I don't want anything touching or overlapping. Me: Do you understand what a collage is? J: Yes.  So nothing touching #SMH #SchoolProjects #parenting #crafting

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2. Who walks all the way to school before they realize they left their backpack at home despite several reminders? My kid that's who! #parenting

3. Me: you can get dressed up when we go to church to see your cousins perform in the Christmas service. M: like in a costume? I think I’ll wear wings like an angel. Me: no that’s inappropriate. I mean fancy. M: okay but that’s not as much fun #parenting #smh

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4. Me: How are you feeling today buddy? J: Much better! And I learned an awesome new word: sharted.  Don't worry, dad told me that I'm not allowed to say it at school #parenting #thingskidssay #SMH

5. When you leave your son unattended to sign holiday cards #smh #parenting

6. When you have to tell your son that #venoming (yes this is a verb in our house) is not appropriate while watching a church pageant #parenting #SMH #SundayFunday #SundayMorning #Marvel

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7. Within the first fifteen minutes of real cold weather we have already lost one pair of gloves and discovered that winter boots no longer fit 'when I wear my cozy socks' #parenting

8. J: I can't wear pyjama shirts with buttons. Me: Why? J: Because they make me furious and that's not what pyjama day is all about. (And today we celebrate the true meaning of um...pyjama day?) #parenting #thingskidssay #smh

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