Thursday, 23 February 2017

Words of Wisdom: My Kids on Twitter in 140 Characters or Less

We spend a lot of time with the minions and I'm fortunate enough to record the things that they say and do so I can look back on it and laugh. Some of it makes the blog and other smaller moments don't. One of the brilliant things about Twitter is how it's the ultimate parenting "elevator speech", because you have to keep it short. Below are Tweets, conversations, parental musings and things that the minions have done or said over the past month, for your reading pleasure that haven't made it to the blog.

1. M: I'm , J's The Flash, Mom's , Dad ur & ur is shooting out of your tummy

2. J: We're in a band together. Me: What are we called? J: Pee, barf & diarrhea Me: Gross J: (giggles) I know right?

3. The ur child convinces u they're 2 sick 2 go 2 school then miraculously recovers therefore making you act like Cam

Cause this is how Gumby should really be.

4. When ur son takes matters into his own hands because it's garbage that his isn't really made of clay

5. M: I've been practicing getting tougher Me: What have you been doing? M: Mostly karate poses and pretending to fly.

6. C: Do you want some pistachios? M: No, I'm a princess and princesses don't eat nuts.

7. Me: Are you eating snow? J: just a bit. Plus I'm throwing the mud on the ground. So relax mommy

8. J: Do men have penises? me: no J: Even Lego me: Even Lego Batman. J: Huh.

9. Me: Watch out for that pile of dog...u stepped in it.J: Stepped in what? Dog Poo Me: Yes J: Say the grown-up word for it, I know you want to
10. Please stop wearing ham as a beard (and other things I never thought I'd say at lunch) M: but I'm ham ta clause
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