Monday, 1 April 2013

Humpty (Dumpty) Dance

It was Easter this weekend and we all know what that means: Annual Easter Traditions, where my good friend, The Granken, enters an egg hunt death match competition against four children under seven to see who can collect the most eggs.*  This year's scores were as follows: Granken: 46 eggs, 6 year old: 37 eggs, 4 year old: 17 eggs, Molly with the help of her Aunt S.: 16 eggs.   As for Jack, he wasn't really into it.  He hid behind the living room curtains and tried to open the window instead.

Jack's version of an Easter Egg Hunt
Molly enjoying her 16 eggs.
In a new Easter tradition, Molly decided to pull a Humpty Dumpty this weekend.  During her nap on Saturday she felt that it was time to go AWOL from the confines of her crib.  She hoisted herself up and over the side of her crib using the arm of story time chair directly beside her to gain that extra two-three inches she needed to escape.  She landed on the floor with a thud, a scream and it took about half an hour for all the king's horses and all the king's men to calm her down again.  Sadly this meant nap time was over, for everyone, and a rearrangement of the nursery.  Jack's crib luckily is so far to the ground that he won't be able to climb out until he's four feet tall.**
Miss Molly was a bad egg this weekend.
I did some research and here's how we're attempting to keep Humpty safe in her crib for a little while longer.
Operation Prevent Humpty Dumpty from Cracking Part 1
- Move the story time chair away from all cribs
- Put a thick duvet down on the ground beside the crib
- Pray that Molly holds off on growing another 2-3 inches for a little while longer
And when that stops working....
-Switch Molly and Jack's Mattresses (his is thinner)
-Switch Molly and Jack's Cribs (although this could have the boy child on the loose)
-Cross our fingers
And then...
Accept our fate, double baby-proof everything and convert the cribs into toddler beds.

The Granken's Jack Layton Egg

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*To find out about the results of last year's competition click here
**Which by my calculations will make him eight.

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  1. There was a pair of twins I babysat for several years ago and their mother bought one of those mesh tents that attaches to the top of the crib and has a flap that you can zip open and closed. It worked great for about six months (until they learned how to stick their fingers through the mesh and open the zipper from the inside. (I've heard some people say they're not "safe", but they certainly seem safer than having your toddler escape the crib in the middle of the night and fall down the stairs, which is what almost happened to one of them).