Friday, 12 April 2013

When I Paint My Masterpiece

Earlier this week Chris pulled an article for me from the daily commuter magazine Metro.*  The article mentions how mothers have a tough time throwing out their children's art work without hiding it, scrap booking it or feeling super guilty.  Let me say this loud and clear: I do not feel guilty throwing out my children's art work, but then again they can barely talk.
Growing up, my parents pretended to love everything we did that we tried at: from short stories I wrote, to bad art projects.  They'd feign admiration and secretly mock my sister and I behind our backs about how seriously we took our projects.  For years the staircase going to the basement displayed our various artistic endeavours including my sisters rug hook unicorn and a string painting I completed in kindergarten that looked like a toboggan crashing into a wall. 
My little brother was a different story.  He didn't care and put minimal efforts into any projects he'd been forced into at school.  My parents were also in their 40s with three children, so instead of following parenting books they were keeping it real.  They didn't hide their thoughts about what he produced, or made other children do for him after they had completed their assignments successfully.
In grade six my brother made a stuffed frog with one leg so giant that if real it would be incapable of doing anything beyond jumping in circles.  When other kids vandalised his year end project, the most hideous teddy bear that you've ever seen, the teacher actually told him that she thought it was an improvement.  I don't know if any of his art work ever made the basement wall of shame.**
Molly and Jack produce a glut of "art work" at daycare.  And we save some of it.  The other day, as they cleared out some important showcase space for new projects, we were presented with 21 new pieces to add to our collection.*** So last night Chris and I sat down, after the minions went to bed, and discussed the art at great lengths.  Below is the best of, what we thought we saw and our titles for each piece.  Enjoy.
What I saw: Angry Dust Mite
Chris's title for the piece: Don't Sleep with the Lights Off
What I saw: Girl Fight
Chris's Title: Banana Man Terrified
 Chris's Title: Sad Eggs with Jelly
 What I Saw: Dragon Kneeling Holding a Sword
Chris's Title:  Industrial Extinction
What Chris Saw: Slovenly Dragon
My Title: Help, I'm Trapped in a Finger Painting

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*I can't find the link to it on line, sorry.
**Don't feel bad for anyone here, no one in my family is lacking in self-esteem, especially my little brother. I think we all needed to be knocked down a peg or two.
***AKA the recycling bin.

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  1. I love the titles! "Trapped in fingerpainting" LOL.

    V gets upset if she sees any of her work in the trash can. I try to clean up after she has gone to bed. But I do save a few select masterpieces and keep them in a folder.