Thursday, 4 April 2013

Love Bites

We got our first warning at daycare the other day.  Apparently the boy child is biting.  I blame it on how hardcore we've been about stopping the slap fights between the minions the past few weeks.*   What choice did Jackie have? He is teething afterall.  Once we get the biting in check I'm certain we'll get news of his penchant for tackling other children or tickling them until they cry.  Molly will be more about mind games, emotional abuse** and mean girl spite.  She already has an army of two other giroddlers (girl toddlers) who do her bidding.

This is my son Jaws

Daycare isn't allowed to tell us who Jack bit, but we know it wasn't Molly.  That leaves eight other possibilities, and he bit the child in question on their face, so we've been keeping an eye out to see who has giant teeth marks on their cheek.  I tried asking Molly and Jack who Jack bit, but since either child can only pronounce one other kid's name in their class, added with the fact that Molly will say yes to almost any question you ask her*** our investigation has come to a standstill.

We asked our ECE worker what we could do to help curb our little Dracula and were told: redirection, explain why it's not appropriate to bite (as calmly as you can when Jack's fangs are embedded in your hand), take away the toy that your children are fighting over, time outs etc. etc....basically everything that we have been doing for the hitting repeated for this new other hella bad behaviour.  Jack loves a reaction and if you yell or cry he thinks it's funny.  I'm sure it's why Molly is generally his prime target.

I'm debating whether or not we should apologise to the parent if we manage to spot the victim.  What's the etiquette for baby cannibalism?  I don't think What to Expect - The Toddler Years will cover it.

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*It's been like watching that slap scene from Moonstruck on repeat but with significantly more crying.
**She makes me so proud (single tear rolls down cheek).
***Hopefully that stops by the time she reaches high school or Chris is going to have to follow her to school with a shot gun.


  1. bite him back... I'm serious, not like a full on bite, but just enough for him to feel it.

    1. We've tried...he likes it and giggles a lot. We're convinced he's half puppy dog and just nipping to show affection.